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 Gleam Land 3D Light


 Our products incorporate state-of-the-art 3D LED lamp technology.

We intend to and are on the course of focusing our investments and specialty on a single and original product and becoming a global brand.

 3D lamps as souvenirs are admired as gifts in custom categories such as gifts for the loved ones, for men and women, for the new-born, for greetings, birthdays and anniversaries and for original surprises.

 The product is an unusual and impressive one compared to ordinary and typical gifts. At Gleam Land, we endeavor to improve ourselves and are fed by the customer experience and admiration in choosing and designing patterns, design authentic 3D lamps for our collection. 

 Our collection grows richer with elegant lamp models, custom-designed for professions. Our collection consists of various lamp models as gifts for various professionals including physicians, dentists, lawyers, musicians and teachers.

 At Gleam Land we are also inspired by hobbies and interests; you can order from a range of models including baby born lamp, astronaut lamp, pirate lamp, Unicorn lamp, bike lamp, motorcycle lamp, teddy bear lamp, ring lamp,beetle lamp and many more.

 Gleam Land also produces photo lamps that can be used for photographs of your exclusive moments.

 We strongly recommend you note the brand details. Gleam Land is not the only one to produce a 3D lamp, but is the one.

 Thank you! / Gleam Land 3D Light